Organic Cheese & Raw Milk

Many manifestations of milk; nothing short of magic…

Goats in the fields and woods, milk flowing, and alchemy in the creamery. The way life should be.

The Maine Milk Mavens, operating out of Fuzzy Udder Creamery in Whitefield, are distributing our (and many others’) cheeses to dozens of stores, restaurants, and purveyors of deliciousness all across Maine. If you get their newsletter, we can get our cheeses to you!

You can also find our cheeses at The Milkhouse farmstand in Monmouth, Tender Soles Farm in Richmond, and at the Wayne Farmers Market on Saturdays 9-12.

All of our cheeses are Certified-Organic by MOFGA, which means all hay and grain the goats eat are raised without chemicals and with careful attention to soil health; the goats are never ever given antibiotics or synthetic medications of any kind; and that they have fresh air, clean water, year-round access to the outdoors, and lots of pasture during the warmer months.  We are one of the very very few organic goat dairies in Maine—it takes more planning, working with nature, and sometimes sacrificing profits for health.  But we wouldn’t have it any other way.




6 thoughts on “Organic Cheese & Raw Milk

  1. Where are you located? We sell to a number of farm stands and retail locations across Maine. If you are looking for a bulk amount pickup is possible at the farm. You can send a text to 207-317-0488. Thanks!


  2. Not original commenter, but I’d love to know the closest place to Brunswick with your cheese, milk, and yogurt. I know Tender Soles has some of your cheese…Love it! Just want to get all the goat goodies. TIA


  3. Hi and thanks for being in touch! Where we have our products kind of depends on the week. Currently we have milk and cheese at the Somali Bantu Community Association in Wales, cheese at Tender Soles and The Milkhouse in Monmouth, milk at Sheepscot General in Whitefield, and milk and cheese at Royal River in Freeport. We aren’t making yogurt currently but are planning to soon. Good luck!


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