Resting Goats, Ripening Cheese


It’s that time of year again when we stop milking our goats, let them (and us) rest and rejuvenate, and grow their babies in preparation for Spring.  We have lots of aged cheeses made at the peak of last spring when the milk flow was heavy (particularly our Beltane, a natural-rind Gouda-style aged at least 6 months), as well as our Equinox, produced in the waning days of summer, made with our milk combined with the beautiful cow’s milk from our good friends at The Milkhouse. We also have a bunch of Far-Out Feta, also made with a combination of goat’s and cow’s milk.  They are all certified-organic, raw, and aged at least 60 days.

The goats are eating and resting, while our cheeses are waking up and spreading their rich beautiful flavors around Maine.

The Maine Milk Mavens, operating out of Fuzzy Udder Creamery in Whitefield, are distributing our (and many others’) cheeses to dozens of stores, restaurants, and purveyors of deliciousness all across Maine. If you get their newsletter, we can get our cheeses to you!

All of our cheeses are Certified-Organic by MOFGA, which means all hay and grain the goats eat are raised without chemicals and with careful attention to soil health; the goats are never ever given antibiotics or synthetic medications of any kind; and that they have fresh air, clean water, year-round access to the outdoors, and lots of pasture during the warmer months.  We are one of the very very few organic goat dairies in Maine—it takes more planning, working with nature, and doing things the hard way in the name of health.  But we wouldn’t have it any other way.