9 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Such a fabulous goat creamery that has helped a few goats find a beautiful peace of land to live on with some amazing people to live on it with… Sendin some lovin to all you up in the ME!


      • Hi and thanks for reaching out! We don’t currently have any males on the farm. And generally speaking, we try to minimize our goats’ exposure to goats from other farms, to reduce the chance of disease transmission (keeping our herd as “closed” as possible). Good luck!


  2. Are you looking for effective advertising that isn’t full of crap? I apologize for sending you this message on your contact form but actually that was the whole point. We can send your advertising text to sites via their contact pages just like you’re reading this note right now. You can specify targets by keyword or just do mass blasts to sites in any country you choose. So let’s say you would like to blast an ad to all the plumbing companies in the US, we’ll scrape websites for only those and post your ad message to them. As long as you’re advertising a product or service that’s relevant to that niche then you’ll be blessed with an amazing response!

    Send an email to evie2535gre@gmail.com to find out how we do this


  3. Hi and thanks for reaching out! We don’t currently produce anything soap-related, though we are considering it. If you’d like to get some goat milk to make soap with, feel free to reach out in the spring when we are milking again.


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